Eric Lazarus, Chief Technology Officer at Dealflow.com

I worked with Lenore on my job search with the goal of landing a VP-level position. Her experience was immediately apparent. She offered excellent recommendations for ways to improve the content, format and consistency of my resume, CV and LinkedIn profile, such as adding industry key words. She’s a deft editor; I quickly developed a trust in her writing abilities. We developed a close collaboration process as she delved into my work history to capture the specific experience recruiters are looking for. I’d never worked with recruiters before, and Lenore showed me the possibilities. Lenore’s great to work with because she’ll listen to all my wild ideas and offer thoughtful feedback. Lenore was instrumental in helping me clarify my goals for the next chapter in my professional life, then helped keep me focused on what I needed to accomplish. A full-time personal assistant is not in my budget, especially for someone of Lenore’s caliber, so I appreciated working with someone offering such a diversity of services on an ad-hoc basis.

Laura M. Fisher, Attorney at Law

Lenore helped me plan and hold the launch party for my law practice — a very meaningful event for me. I was impressed with her suggestions about food, drinks, service, music, decorations, and how to set it all up. She worked with the venue to help coordinate important details. She even tended bar for the party! Her smile lit up the room and made my guests feel welcome. I really appreciated Lenore’s thorough efforts to assist my me and my guests. It was a great feeling to know that Lenore was there for me for anything I needed, so I could relax (as much as possible) and enjoy my special evening.

Rich Jedrzejek, Partner and Account Manager, Ploonky

Brownstone Concierge was exactly what my startup company needed at the time. Being a startup, we are small. The founders and I wear MANY hats and it can be overwhelming. Having Lenore and Brownstone Concierge focus on specific tasks, freed up the rest of the startup to focus on what we excel at, developing web and mobile applications. I couldn’t imagine finding a more professional and helpful group than Brownstone Concierge.

Miguel Weissman, Musician/Producer

At first Lenore was helping me with my career transition from event production to music production and marketing my recording studio. She was house-sitting and taking care of my cat while I was out of town for a job when I was severely injured. She then took responsibility for managing my household for months while I recovered in care facilities. She handled my banking and bills, and whatever else came up. She coordinated my worker’s comp claim and even found my amazing attorneys.

Lenore thinks of things I never would have thought of, and has LOTS of GREAT ideas! She shipped some personal things from home, supplies and paperwork to me which was super organized in an accordion-type file. She included plain envelopes and wrote my name on the cover. I asked for stamps. What did she send me? A cool pencil case with stamps, pens, sharpies, paper clips, post it notes, and a silly halloween toy (it made me smile)! I used all these things! I didn’t ask to be so organized, but I can’t tell you how much easier it made my life during recovery while I was bed-ridden. She also found the perfect cart to keep my stuff organized, with a top that acted like a desk.

Lenore very carefully arranged deliveries of healthy, delicious food to the care facility (not an easy feat because she had to negotiate with the management). I trust her completely because I know she’s highly knowledgeable about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. When I mentioned I wasn’t feeling great, she suggested breathwork and meditation.

Lenore is a great listener and has a grounding presence that makes me feel at ease about everything. I believe her support is actually helping me recover faster because I’m not stressed about not being home. She’s handling a big part of my life and she’s doing an incredible job.